From the Ground Up

Expanding the Mind... Feeding the Soul

In an increasingly chaotic world, it has become very important to replenish and rejuvenate our bodies and souls. While we can’t change what goes on around us, we can change the way we react to the overload of stimuli we are exposed to on a daily basis. By grounding ourselves, we are better equipped to handle our environment and the stresses it produces.

From the Ground Up is a truly unique weekend workshop experience that combines the art of making sourdough bread, Soul Health yoga along with healing and learning from the horses at this beautiful equine facility. Located just south of Lethbridge near Magrath, AB, this retreat lies on 160 acres overlooking the mountains in the distance, creating a peaceful, magical environment that inspires growth and self-actualization. The centre is complete with an indoor equine arena, full kitchen and overnight accommodations for those taking part in the retreat.

The three modalities designed to create the program have been carefully balanced to feed your soul and stretch your mind. By simply performing the centuries old practice of creating sourdough bread from scratch, we are taken back to our roots and become mindful of each step. The Soul Health Yoga is a fluid braid of talents, strengths & character; movements, thoughts & emotions; calmness, postures & laughter; alone on your mat, all one in a group and an integration of awareness and choices as you move from the ground up. Stepping into the arena with the horses, we learn to discover the message behind our emotions while learning about the power of our hearts and the connection we share with those around us. Horses have an almost mystical ability to connect, communicate and cooperate with humans. Their strength and honesty in these connections can ground, heal and teach; helping us to better navigate our own lives and interpersonal relationships. Equine learning in the round pen really cannot be over-rated and must be experienced.

Arrive just before lunch and settle into your room. You will be welcomed by Janet, Cheri and Cori who will share their passions over the next two days and evenings. Start to unwind with a welcoming and stretching session with our Yoga master Cori. Then you will meet Cheri, our Sourdough Artisan to begin your sourdough journey and enjoy a delicious lunch.

While we allow the bread to rest and do “its thing”, we will then move into a couple hours doing ground work with our team of horses. Your Eponaquest Instructor, Janet, will guide you through a new way of looking at the world. You will begin to understand the direct correlation between your attitudes and abilities while directing and communicating with a 1000 - pound horse. The personal insights can be life changing! Each day continues to flow in and out of these three extremely powerful and grounding practices. We always finish the day with a deep meditative session of yoga before we send you off to sleep in the peace and tranquility of our oasis.

From the Ground Up is a workshop that will guide you to becoming centered, present and mindful in a joyful way that helps heal body, mind and spirit. Join us for your journey into self-discovery.

For more information go to or call: (403) 634-5056

My first bread baking experience was at the age of 8 in my grandmother’s farmhouse kitchen learning to make her own recipe for brioche-style rolls. I watched those hands I loved knead the dough and felt connected to her as she shared her skill with me. As a young mother I baked wholegrain breads for my young family, feeding the people I loved as my grandmother had me. Now I greet each day with the quiet contemplative process of feeding my starter, choosing and mixing heritage grain flours into bread, hands in the dough, feeling, smelling and loving every moment. Each step in the beautiful ritual of sourdough baking – slow living in truth – reminds me to be mindful, and invites me to find joy and promise in the magic of life. As I share love through sourdough baking I understand the joy that my grandmother felt as she shared with me that morning.

– Cheri Litchfield

I created Lodestone Leadership because of a deep personal desire to help and empower others to lead strong lives, my career has led me through numerous roles where helping others is the primary goal, including eight years of facilitating grief groups at the Calgary Alberta Children’s Hospital.

I began riding seven years ago, and was personally transformed by the beauty and powerful influence of horses. This inspired me to take advanced training in Equine Facilitated Learning, eventually completing an apprenticeship with the world-renowned author and trainer, Linda Kohanov. Now, as the CEO of Lodestone Leadership, and a certified Eponaquest Instructor, my mission is to share these life-changing experiences with others.

– Janet Murray

The four years of summer camps I attended, as a kid, are the most influential experiences of my life. Soul Health programs, classes and destination experiences are all modelled after my kid camp moments.

I thrill when I get to create the opportunity to offer moments of curiosity, trepidation, frustration, anticipation, determination, and ultimate bravery in a student trying something new! I love being included in another’s success and celebration of personal achievement. And it is an honour to be vulnerable and surrender to special moments of simply being in compassion and hope with another soul.

Being an IAYT certified yoga therapist, and with over two decades of group and private fitness based yoga experience, I am a confident leader who humbly admits I teach what I need to learn! Life experiences have dealt me a generous hand of diversity that allows me the special gift of integrating groups in a safe and fun environment to recognize and nurture your Soul Health.

– Cori Everett

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