Why choose quirk?

Why Choose Quirk?

Quirk Magazine is a 100% local venture that highlights the people and places of Southern Alberta. We are the leading Lethbridge magazine and pride ourselves on producing quality content highlighting the fascinating people and places in Southern Alberta.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals who have worked in the local media for over 30 years. We are honoured to have received the “Outstanding in Media” award from Southwest Service & Tourism in 2016 for our contribution in showcasing Southern Alberta. We are the only print media to have won this award.

What you receive when advertising with us, is an eye-catching professional ad on glossy high end stock in a magazine that contains interesting and readable articles by some of western Canada’s top writers. We are the only local magazine to use this high quality of print and it makes for outstanding presentation of your product. Advertising in a quality local magazine is an ideal venue to build your brand and also show your community support.

Quirk Magazine makes EVERY issue available for viewing online. The complete library is there for readers at the touch of a button, making your advertising dollars spent with us even more valuable!

Quirk Magazine aims to engage with readers by including two separate photo contests, providing localized Word Find Puzzles that help educate readers about the Lethbridge area. We are also the only local media that includes a pet section because we know, people in Lethbridge LOVE their animals. We don't want readers to just pick up the magazine, we want them to have fun with it! And judging by the emails we get from readers... it's working!

Quirk Magazine is published bi-monthly (6 times annually) and distributed free via racks at key locations around the city. It is also distributed to medical clinics, dentist offices, pharmacies, restaurants and coffee shops. We are available online with our digital flip version of the magazine, as well as by subscription.

Quirk offers a variety of options and packages, and will custom tailor a campaign to suit your business. We work with you from start to finish, discussing direction of your ad and the goals you wish to achieve.  Moving forward, we design your full colour ad at no extra charge. We work for you & with you through the whole process.

Quirk Magazine... It's all About You, Lethbridge!


For more information please call Jean Van Kleek @ 403.382.7240 or email info@quirkmagazine.net

What people are saying about Quirk:

Quirk is a terrific publication!  Each time it comes out I pick a bunch up and send them off to the kids and my brothers and sisters. It gives them a pretty good idea of what’s going on. There is so much good information and photography in Quirk. You’ve done an amazing job.

Thanks again

Lynne Dewhirst

Hi! I learned of your magazine when my daughter, Jocelyn Dufresne, was interviewed for a story in the September 2012 issue. I looked at a previous issue and was pleasantly surprised! It’s just what Lethbridge needs and it’s great to see some many supporters as evidenced by your advertisers.

Many thanks, Sandra

 Sandra Dufresne

Development Officer, Lethbridge College

I have had LOTS of good feedback from my Vitamin K article…. Even had a few appointments generated from it also….

I even think that the store sold out of Vitamin K at some point….

I know that I took about 5 phone calls/day 2 days in a row….

That means that people are reading the magazine…

 Priscilla Peltier,C.H., C.N.C., C. Irid., R.BIE

Herbalist, Nutrition Consultant, Iridoligist, and Registered BioEnergetics Practitioner

Hello Jean

We are very happy to express our complete satisfaction with your magazine, Quirk, and your professionalism in managing it.

You have very good and interesting suggestions for design which we really like the look of. And I find the content of the entire magazine to be very interesting with a focus on wellness, both for humans and pets alike as opposed to only local interest stories.

Feed-back that we have gotten from our customers has always been very positive both in regard to our ads and the entire content of Quirk.

Congratulations on your first anniversary and continued success.

Jack & Sharry Yaeck, Hot Health Systems Ltd.


Just a quick note to let you know I just love your magazine. Very informative, great stories as well as great recipes (both human and animal ). Would love to see some cat treat recipies included. You are doing an excellant job. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK..

Look forward to each and every issue.

A Grant, Medicine Hat AB

Dear Jean and Staff,
Thank you all very much for the EXCELLENT Coverage of the Sister Cities International You Ambassadors!!
The double page spread on pages on 26 and 27 are wonderful and we are so proud of the young ladies, Camilla, Abby and Jocelyn.
We will send a copy of the QUIRK down to our friends at Culver City Sister Cities Committee, President Marla Wolkowitz.

THANK YOU ALL once again for your timely work and assistance in promoting Lethbridge Youth!

In touch,
Carol Kensley
Lethbridge Twinning Society

I wish we had a Quirk in Edmonton! It’s an absolutely stunning magazine. I love the local articles, dog treat section – everything from the upscale printing of the magazine, local advertisement and fabulous write ups! Quirk, in my opinion is fantastic! Keep them coming!! Great job!

Monique Hamel, Edmonton AB


Hi Jean, I love what you are doing with the magazine!

Thanks, Derek
Derek Stevenson, Communications Coordinator, Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge

Happy New Year to you and your great magazine. Since discovering Quirk Magazine, I continue to make a point of picking up each new issue when I come to Lethbridge.

Gwen Thomas, Taber


We love your magazine!

Ken Wilson, Coril Holdings, Calgary


I appreciate your stories, your magazine and all the work
you do to enrich and inform the people of Lethbridge
and district of the cool and beautiful things we have.
Carolyn Sutton



Why Include Magazines in Your Advertising Budget?

While many people are investing their ad money in online media, magazines are still a relevant print media and can bring a lot of exposure to a company.

As Marc Brownstein said from AdAge.com, ” With 82% of the U.S. population reading one or more magazines a month, can we afford to ignore that loyal readership?” Brownstein has a point, with that amount of readership and the benefits of magazines as opposed to other print media, magazines should not be ignored as an ad medium. Instead companies should take advantage of Magazine’s niche audiences and use them to advertise to their specific audience. This could help the company, because it presents the opportunity for a company to advertise to a new target audience. Being able to advertise to specific audiences also allows for the company to inform a current audience of a new product.

Unfortunately even though magazine readership is increasing, magazines are being compared to newspapers, which is affecting the magazine’s advertising. (adage.com) Other than the increase in readership, magazines are completely different from newspapers. Magazines allow for fine color reproduction, which enhances and makes an advertisement appear more vibrant. Magazines also have a longer life span that a newspaper. Newspapers are usually daily, where as magazines are weekly or monthly, so the reader will take their time while reading the magazine and possibly  keep it until the next issue comes out.

Magazines also have the special trait of having a high “pass along” value. This means much like a webpage or blog, when people see something in a magazine they find interesting they share it with others. This may be by telling a person to go out and buy the issue or literally giving them the issue. Either way, because magazines come out infrequently, it gives people time to share what they have read.

At the end of the day, magazines are the one print media companies should use to advertise. Magazines provide an obvious audience and style and are still trendy. Companies should realize no one medium will perfectly return  the cost and value of their advertisement. Media should be used together to cover all areas and types of consumers.

– See more at: http://studybreakscollegemedia.com/2012/why-magazines-are-a-relevant-medium-for-ads/#sthash.OwWbeoaO.dpuf