Jean Van Kleek

About the Publisher

Jean Van Kleek comes from an extensive background in media and communications. Her career in broadcast television spanned well over 20 years, with the first half in television operations (master control, audio, directing news) and the second half as a sales executive. It was during her position in sales that Jean had the opportunity to work with local entrepreneurs and discover a side of Lethbridge she hadn’t seen before. The side of Lethbridge she began to see was filled with forward-thinking, risk-taking, ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things. She also discovered that Lethbridge is filled with exceptionally talented musicians, artists and writers.  Prior to Jean’s career in television, she spent ten years travelling western Canada as a musician/singer/songwriter. This background has given her a unique perspective in appreciating the breadth of talent in this area. Her love of the written word, and the need to share information was the “perfect storm” that led to creating Quirk Magazine. With the help of a very talented team, Quirk has become an ideal venue to showcase Southern Alberta within a colorful, interesting and vibrant platform.


Quirk Magazine… it’s all about YOU, Lethbridge!


The following is an introduction to our writing team.


Sherri Gallant

Sherri Gallant is very well known and respected in Southern Alberta for her career that spanned 25 years as a writer with the Lethbridge Herald.  Over the years she has covered a wide range of topics from the entertaining, to hard news to very sensitive emotional pieces. Sherri has a talent for connecting with people and gleaning the right information in order to create a unique and in depth perspective.  Her stories are articulate, conversational and have a definite “Sherri Gallant” brand to them. Sherri is currently Senior Communications Advisor with AHS and is editor of the monthly South Zone News. When not busy writing, Sherri spends her time discovering new recipes and sharing amazing dinners with family and friends.  She also enjoys travelling, camping, her garden, and of course… reading. Sherri is happiest when surrounded by her grandchildren, children and husband, George. Stay tuned… there may also be a novel in her future!



Thomas Porter

Thomas Porter is a new addition to the Quirk team this year. He brings with him a wealth of talent not only as a writer, but as a photographer. His words and photographs work together symbiotically to create memorable pieces that reach all of the senses. His passion for the craft of writing is apparent in all of his work. His love of nature and the outdoors is demonstrated in the articles we published recently on the Milk River and Crowsnest Pass areas. The former Lethbridge native has been working out of province as a photojournalist and freelance writer for the past 18 years. His work has been seen across Canada in newspapers, trade and lifestyle magazines and a host of tourism publications. This year he came home to continue his education at the University of Lethbridge in the Geography department. “I’ve always been intrigued by the fact that in a relatively short time, we as a species have had an incredible impact on the natural world,” said Porter. “Through technology, we have the power change to our surroundings. Knowing that means we’re responsible to be thoughtful about our interactions with nature. Trying to convey our relationship with the environment to our survival as a species is an important part of my journey.


Christina Scott

Christina Scott is a freelance writer based out of Lethbridge. Christina developed a passion for writing at an early age and eventually transformed her passion into a career. Since obtaining a diploma in print journalism from Lethbridge College in 2008, she has written for various newspapers, magazines and websites in Alberta and across Canada. While Christina is very adept withmany styles of writing, she most enjoys writing feature stories filled with heart and human interest. She instinctively knows how to tell a story from beginning, to middle, to end bringing it all together with the ease and flow that only comes with being a seasoned writer.

When she isn’t writing, Christina enjoys visiting Lethbridge’s many parks with her husband and her corgi, Tegan.



Ginger Malacko

Ginger Malacko was Lethbridge born and raised and while she's lived other places, from Vancouver to New York, she always finds her way back to the prairies. This has been her second year writing the column "the Style of Being", a phrase she coined to describe living the life you have in the best way possible. “The Style of Being” is a column only Ginger could write with such subtle nuances and tremendous depth in its simplicity. Her writing is captivating, thought-provoking, whimsical and refreshing. For her, living her life in the best way possible has meant writing novels for children while surrounding herself with family under big Alberta skies. She aims to find inspiration in even the most ordinary aspects of being human. And cheesecake. She also aims to eat a lot of cheesecake.


Michelle Zandstra

Michelle Zandstra came to Lethbridge in 83 to study Communication Arts at LCC. She later discovered that her real passion was for food and cooking. She returned to school, completing culinary courses at both S.A.I.T and N.A.I.T.  A highlight of Michelle’s culinary career was having one of her Sunterra Market (Bankers Hall, Calgary) entrée creationsfeatured in Canadian Living Magazine. Michelle went on to working in senior centre kitchens spending some time in Summerland, B.C. eventually moving back to Lethbridge and working with seniors here. Two of Michelle’s favourite things are seniors and animals.  It made sense for her to branch out her culinary repertoire to create healthy, flavourful treats and meals for her canine companions. We at Quirk are happy to have her share her expertise and flavourful creations with our readers.  When Michelle isn’t cooking, she can be found in her garden or camping. She enjoys the simple things in life, and is happiest when surrounded by nature and good friends, both furry… and human.